I believe everyone should have access to healthcare. I started this because of the Coronavirus Pandemic so people could safely get care without going to a doctor’s office.

Many people have lost their jobs and insurance. I wanted to provide healthcare access to them. During the Pandemic those without money will be able to schedule free appointments.

We also accept credit cards, most major insurances, and Medicare.


My name is Craig Trigueiro MD. Call me Dr T.
I have practiced medicine for over thirty years in Manatee County, Florida. Experience does count. I am a general practitioner including geriatrics who has also done emergency medicine, urgent care, opioid addiction, medical marijuana and occupational medicine.

General Practice and Urgent Care.

We accept credit cards, debit cards, as well as most insurances including Medicare.

During the pandemic we are offering FREE healthcare to those who cannot afford medical care.

If you use your insurance or Medicare we will bill them. You are responsible for any remaining deductible and co-payments. These are payable at the time of service.

Private pay is
$80.00 for two problems.
$100.00 for three or more problems.

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