Donny mentioned that this breathtaking 1970s age Yamaha needed a couple of strings.

Ends up, it could work with a little TLC. The Unbrokenstring Crew steps up to your plate to create this traditional guitar up to speed!

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Intended as a pupil guitar, these wonderful old Yamaha guitars rival medium that is many guitars discovered today.

The serial number is hand-stamped on a soundboard brace.

During the right time, we considered built In Taiwan as junk. Nowadays, that was the stuff that is good! Exactly How times change…

Demonstrably the nut is unglued, but note that the rosewood fingerboard was painted black colored, to offer the appearance of ebony. Such ended up being the snobbery found in the guitar that is classical back in the 1970’s. My first classical guitar sported a black painted fingerboard, also it looked a lot like this after several years of playing. Nothing to be ashamed of nowadays. In faceflow random chat another fifty years, we’ll be playing guitars with synthetic Richlite fingerboards, and consider rosewood fingerboards as ‘high end’ and collectible.

This diamond file is removing the old glue and truing up the gluing surface in the neck

The diamond file is working on the end grain regarding the fingerboard. That small cavity under the nut just isn’t for a truss rod, but rather appears to be a slot for a stiffener of some type. Traditional guitars seldom use truss rods to counteract string tension, as nylon string tension is approximately a 3rd regarding the tension developed by metal strings.