Like John, she might have been a bit particular I would be too if every right swipe results in a match if we compare the number of matches to the number of open likes, but hey. See also “The vicious group of Tinder”.

Days 2-6 – Berlin, Munich, Copenhagen, London, Paris

Interested in learning the specific situation in European countries, plus in purchase to make use of the traveler’s boost, Jane and John “visited” some cities that are highly populated both liked and hid their distance to their profiles.

John’s experiences:

After the first or 2nd day, John began seeing increasingly more attractive potential matches in their queue. He nevertheless had about 20-30 open loves left over at the conclusion of his times, the good news is he had been additionally navigating around 10 matches each day. It’s tough to say if this is because of their rating gradually getting up and rating him as increasing numbers of appealing, thus showing him more profiles that are attractive or simply just due to the location modification. Perhaps a mixture of both, but seeing that this took place slowly i believe it is safe to state the previous played a role that is leading.

Boosting seemed to help John be seen more, just about doubling his loves that day. At precisely the same time, the boost didn’t get him any longer matches than usual because, well, “the additional likes appeared to result from a much broader population than my usual match queue”. (Read: less attractive).

Day 7 – New York

Weary of swiping through a huge selection of profiles daily and yet maybe not having the ability to speak with any matches, John and Jane were very happy to invest their final time on Tinder.

Being the most densely populated town for the US, we likely to end this test having a spike in loves, a spike that is like. Surprisingly, it appears New Yorkers really didn’t like our two topics all that much.