Colombia Vacation Manual: Money Saving Recommendations. Colombia is already very low priced.

Accommodation is economical if you aren’t staying in important hotels restaurants. Hostels become low-cost (especially after you create the major places), there are are lots of wonderful price regional vacation rentals all over the state. You’ll find so many industry with cheap nutrients. Nearby sites happen to be inexpensive. Vehicles are generally low-cost. Should you decide fly as the regular Colombian everyday lives, youll feel hard pressed to invest many.

However, if youre hoping to save cash in Colombia, here are a few hacks to slice down your expense:

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Digest like locals Its very easy to eat on a budget in this article should you stick with regional Colombian nutrients. There are also most affordable provisions like empanadas for like 200-500 policeman ($0.06-0.15 USD) (they make perfect snack food). An arepa regarding block can be about 3,000 COP ($0.90 USD). Ceviche, and that is widely used throughout the region, is approximately 15,000 policeman ($4.55 2500). Within the country, you’ll find dinners nearer to 10,000 policeman ($3 USD)! To put it briefly: take in hometown, enjoy low priced. Positive, Colombian meals arent the healthiest (its big on beef and melted food) escort Lakewood, but it’s answering and inexpensive.

Skip the cocktails Colombia has a lot of incredible beverage bars now particularly in Medellin however these beverage are expensive, frequently charging around 20,000 COP ($6 USD) (at times over to 30,000 policeman, or $9 USD).