16 Facts Every Dude Should Know About Their Gf (And Creative Techniques To Find Them Out)

In some cases every woman wishes this model boy would bear in mind much more little specifics about the girl (and fewer tiny facts about his or her ideal soccer group). We’ve previously revealed lots of the points all of us privately miss the guys to commit to ram, but what if you’re a dude who’s troubled to find those basic facts, stats, and anecdotes regarding the beloved? How, precisely, are you gonna be meant to find out the lady preferred line of tampons or find out what size hooter harness she dons so you can invest in the lady that beautiful lingerie thingy? won’t worry, guys, it is possible to coax from need-to-know details of the lifetime with best lower panties drawer snooping expected…

1. The name of the lady primary romance and key heartbreak.

While snuggling when in bed one-night, ask her to learn a game title that you just take turns telling friends about your firsts — very first hug, first sex, basic dumping. Get first to create the build. Go ahead and establish your re-tellings entertaining.

2. just how she takes their java.

Build the girl a committing suicide mug o’ joe.