15 Signs You’re The Rebound Girl. You’ve came across a great man.

He’s charming, confident, and seems positively smitten by you.

If you’re dating a person that is brand new available on the market, you’re in a position that is high-risk heartbreak. Men, a lot more than females, are vunerable to rebound connections carrying out a breakup. While females routinely have girlfriends with who to generally share emotions and confide in – for many males – that has been the part their gf played. In her own lack adhering to a breakup, guys really miss a compassionate feminine ear when he realizes his “bro’s” simply don’t perform the job.

You’ll want to find out sooner, in the place of later, if their emotions if you’re just the rebound filling an ex-shaped hole in his life for you are real, or. Here you will find the top 15 indicators you’re a rebound, and that he’s interested in getting your short-term companionship than he is in building one thing long enduring.

1. Their breakup had been not as much as a few months ago, or their separation had been lower than 6. First and foremost, if he got away from a significant relationship (years+) in the last couple of months, or if he along with his wife separated within the last 6, you’re likely a rebound. The greater amount of shocking or unforeseen his breakup, the greater this rule appears real. Guys (on average) don’t handle breakups into the term that is medium well as ladies. Studies have shown they appear straight straight back on severe relationships with an even more positive/grass is greener viewpoint while having poorer strategies that are coping the short-term (searching for other women to confide in) to greatly help them soak up the pain sensation.