You may have experienced AFK in multiplayer games or boards and wondered exactly just what it implied.

If for example the thought that is first was it really is much like the phrase AF, be assured that it’s perhaps perhaps perhaps not.

AFK is short for: Away from Keyboard

AFK is a common phrase. AFK can be utilized both in uppercase and lowercase kinds.

Typing entire sentences in uppercase is recognized as rude shouting.

Exactly Exactly How AFK Is Employed

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AFK can be used in live chatting to let people understand that you’ll not react for a couple of minutes because you will end up from the computer. AFK is often combined with a descriptor such as “afk bio” (you are getting to your washroom), or “afk phone” (you are responding to a phone call).

Types of AFK

Example 1

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Consumer 1: Joan? have you been here?

User 2: sorry was AFK conversing with Chris.

Consumer 1: np, I just wished to get the applying for grants this e-mail i wish to deliver towards the customer.

Instance 2

Individual 1: Ermahgerd! I simply had my first ever plum donut through the Polish bakery!

Individual 2: (no reaction)

Individual 1: Tuan, will you be here?

Individual 2: (no reaction)

Individual 2: sorry ended up being afk into the restroom. Where is it Polish bakery?

Instance 3

Person 1: omg, i simply got a drop that is legendary this quest momb!

Individual 2: (no reaction)

Individual 1: MEN! take a look at my brand brand new renowned!

Individual 2: I became afk using the dogs away. Wow, congrats on that brand new couple of gloves! Which is awesome!

Expressions Much Like AFK

The AFK expression, like other internet expressions, is component of this online discussion tradition. Listed here are other internet expressions which means that nearly the exact same thing as AFK: